Love and Respect


Written by: Sujantra

“To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” –Oscar Wilde

To love oneself means to care for oneself – to be careful with yourself.

I try to care for myself in two ways. The first is to care about and nurture my peace of mind. I try to gravitate towards people and activities that strengthen my heart and mind: yoga, meditation, exercise, friends and wisdom, while staying away from situations and people that agitate and frustrate me: too much media, selfish people, food, and drugs that don’t serve my wellness.

The second thing I do is to honor my dharma: those actions and situations that are unique to me and connected to my soul, my deepest sense of self.  If I am giving my best effort to those aspects of my life then I feel whole and purposeful.

How to discover your dharma? Take a bird’s eye view of your life and all of the people and situations you are involved with. Sketch it out or journal the results. Then feel in your heart which are the most vital and unique to you.

Maybe there are three or four dimensions of your life that represent your dharma: being a parent, your role in society, your artistic passion or hobby. Do your best to live your highest ideals and ethics in those parts of your life. It is not always easy but it is always satisfying.

Self-care: honor your peace of heart and your dharma.



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