You're Invited to Participate in May's Challenge: 10 for 10!

10 for 10

What is the challenge?
Take 10 classes in May and receive the prize of giving one friend 10 Days of Free Yoga classes.

Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone!

What do I have to do?
Attend any 10 classes between May 1 - 31. Be sure to preregister and check in for every class. We'll keep track of your attendance.

When will I receive my prize to give to my friend?
The first week of June.

What if I complete the 10 classes in early May? Can I get my prize as soon as I've taken 10 classes?
Sorry, no. You'll receive your prize to give to your friend the first week of June.

How will I receive my prize to give to my friend?
We'll email you the first week of June with instructions on how your friend can begin their 10 Days of Free Yoga classes. You'll need to email us back with your friend's first and last name and email address.

What if my friend has already taken classes at Pilgrimage?
That's okay! You may still give them the gift of 10 Days of Free Yoga classes. We're sure they're going to love it!

Anything else I should know?
Your friend must activate their 10-Day pass by June 30, 2022. Once the pass is activated, they will have 10 consecutive days to take unlimited classes.

10 for 10! You got this!