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Learning to meditate empowers you to enjoy your life to the fullest. It is great for your physical and emotional health. Proven benefits include reduced stress, improved concentration, and increased mental and emotional clarity. Learning to meditate takes motivation, inspiration, and good instruction. We offer you all three.

Mondays | 9:00a - 9:30a

Breath and Meditation for Relaxation

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Tuesdays | 7:30 - 8:15p

Meditation for Everyone

Location: Adams Ave. in Normal Heights

Attend one of our free classes and you'll learn time tested, foundational techniques rooted in breath awareness and concentration. Our knowledgeable and caring instructors will offer tips and inspiration for you to begin or deepen your practice.

Our programs were designed by Sujantra McKeever, studio founder, who has been practicing meditation for over 40 years and has taught over 25,000 people in 20 countries. Our classes are designed for beginners as well as experienced meditators.

We also offer a free, one-time meditation class for groups of 10 or more at your location in San Diego. Contact for details.

Please watch the videos below for more information. You can also visit our online studio at for guided meditations.

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Developing a Personal Meditation Practice

1) Go Within

Do some daily prayer and meditation to cultivate and expand your awareness. Nothing compares to the actual experience of your inner dimension. Put in the time; in the beginning it can be challenging but the effort is rewarded a hundred times. Support your personal practice with group meditation.

2) Get Moving

Do some daily exercise: take a walk, a run, go for a swim, a bike ride or whatever moves you. It's a great way to reduce stress (the major cause of heart disease) and have some fun. While you’re exercising try to focus as much as possible on your breath; this will ground and center you, and get you beyond your mundane thoughts.

3) Step Away

Step away from smoking, alcohol and non-medicinal drugs. There's nothing better you can do for your body and awareness. You have plenty of energy in your body and nervous system for everything you want to do. Nature did an incredible job of creating you, so let your entire being work the way it was designed to.

4) Read

The thoughts of humanity's greatest spiritual philosophers are available to us all through the world of books. Turn off the television and spend some time with some of history’s most illumined minds. Follow your inspiration; it’s an exciting ride. Enlightened thinking gives rise to incredible actions. Your thoughts and actions can change your world and help others in theirs.

5) Teach Respect for the Earth and All Living Things

That is a bumper sticker I put on my suitcase and into my mind. Dwell on it and see what it resonates with in your own life. Try living a day, or an hour, or even a minute in without harming others in deed, word and thought. It's a challenge but someone- about 2000 years ago- said it was a way to become perfect.

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By learning to consciously relax your mind and body, you can reduce the level of stress in your life. Stress is the major cause of heart disease and can lead to unhealthy habits. Check out our “Lifestyle for the 21st Century” for some suggestions regarding daily habits to reduce stress. In just 10 minutes a day, you can consciously reduce stress and bring peace and harmony into your system. The Focus-Relax-Peace CD offers you four 10-minute guided meditations with soothing background music. The following is a script that you can print out and adapt for your own use. Remember: daily practice is the key to learning the art of relaxation and focusing of the mind. It is just like developing any skill: it takes practice. A healthy mind is the result of regular effort. Here goes: The first step is to find a comfortable but alert position. If you do this exercise lying down, you will most likely fall asleep. Sit up either in a chair or on the floor to learn the exercise. Your position should be firm but pleasant. Let your hands rest on your thighs or lap. Gently close your eyes, or keep them slightly open if you start to fall asleep. Try to keep your eyes still by focusing on a single point. Now focus on your breath; if possible breathe in and out through your nose, it is easier to be conscious of your breathing as it moves through your nose. If you are congested, use your mouth as much as necessary to compensate. Now come the key to the exercise: each time you breath in you are going to focus on a particular area of your body; as you exhale consciously release and relax the muscles in that area. It is as simple as that: breath in awareness, release tension as you exhale. The results will amaze you! Begin by breathing in an awareness of the muscles in your forehead; release those muscles as you exhale. Devote 7 or 8 breaths to each area. The majority of your daily stress is held in your forehead, around your eyes, in your cheeks and jaw and in the back of your neck and shoulders. Each of these areas will take you 30 seconds to 2 minutes to relax. You can extend your relaxation technique- and I highly recommend this- to your chest muscles and the muscles in your abdomen. These are two areas where we take quite a bit of our deeper emotional stress. This is clearly documented through heart disease and ulcers. Remember: your heart is a muscle and your body reacts to your state of mind. You can also use this technique to relax groups of muscles in your back, arms, hands, legs and feet. Once you have relaxed specific areas of your body I suggest spending a minute of two and allow yourself to fell the sensation of being relaxed. The more you can impress this feeling upon your mind and body the more easily you will be able to enter and maintain that relaxed state of body and mind. Remember, regular daily practice is the key to learning this skill.

Resources to Deepen Your Personal Meditation Practice

Focus - Relax - Peace (Audio)


Learn safe, simple and proven techniques for concentration, relaxation and meditation. Over 25,000 people have learned meditation using these effective exercises.

Download here for $8.95

Seven Secrets to Super Health

by S.G. McKeever This fascinating book blends the ancient mystic secrets of the East with modern scientific discoveries. The result is a recipe for amazing health. Topics include: conscious eating, prayer, sacred sex and more.

Ordering Information $5.95

Learn to Meditate

by S.G. McKeever This book is the result of Mr. McKeever's efforts to convey the essence of meditation to thousands of seekers during his free seminars and classes offered around the world. The book provides an understanding of the essential principles underlying the practice of meditation. McKeever offers precise relaxation and meditation exercises which you can learn and practice on a daily basis.

Sample Chapter

Ordering Information $9.95

Paths are Many, Truth is One

by S.G. McKeever Exploring the unity of all religions read scholarly, authentic translations of the works upon which Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Taoism are founded. Discover and understand 17 themes central to all spiritual inquiry. Attain an in-depth knowledge of the spiritual teachings and philosophy of the Old Testament prophets, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Lao Tzu, Muhammad, Sri Krishna, the Vedic seers and others. Learn about the personal experiences upon which all religions are founded.

Sample Chapter

Ordering Information $12.95

Deepen Your Meditation Practice