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Yoga Etiquette

  • Please arrive fifteen minutes early to allow time to check-in and get settled. Always check-in at the front desk or the back gate for outdoor yoga even if you’ve made an online reservation.
  • Read more about how to prepare for our Outdoor Yoga and Indoor Yoga classes in San Diego.
  • If you are taking a Live Stream class and need more information on how to do it, click here!
  • We suggest you wear comfortable, non-restrictive workout clothing. Layers help to adjust for temperature changes during and after class.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the yoga space. You may leave your shoes in a cubby to help preserve the sacred nature and cleanliness of the studio space. We recommend taking your valuables with you.
  • Please practice Saucha (cleanliness) by kindly wiping up any sweat from around your yoga mat after class. Your yoga Sangha (community) will thank you for your thoughtfulness.
  • Please refrain from wearing fragrances, perfume, or cologne to class, and remember to turn your cell phone off.
  • We suggest starting with Gentle Yoga or Yoga All Levels classes and avoid eating heavy food one to two hours before class.
  • Please notify your teacher of any injuries or medical conditions. This helps your instructor understand how best to assist you during class.
  • If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it to class.
  • To receive maximum benefits, yoga should be practiced daily or a minimum of two times per week.

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The Benefits of Yoga

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