Our Relationship with Ether and Space by Lena Schmidt


Each week Lena explored our relationship to and with the elements in Yoga 1 on Wednesday mornings at 8am-9am in North Park.

Ether/Space energy is related to openness, expansion, beginner’s mind, and acceptance. When we are at harmony with the Ether element we feel open minded and able to look at life from a fresh perspective. Connect to the Ether:

On your mat:
• Practice yoga with a “beginner’s mind:” discover something new in each posture (even one you’ve come into many times before)
• Take deep, full breaths to feel your capacity for expansion
• Pay attention to the space between breaths
• Pay attention to your transitions between postures
• Connect to the Crown/Sahasrara Chakra and wear the color purple

Off your mat:
• Do less
• Pay attention to the space between your thoughts
• De-clutter to your home, closet, kitchen, work area
• De-clutter your schedule

Think about: I want to create space in my life for_________________.


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