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Podcast Review: One Part Podcast

One Part Podcast is hosted by Jessica Murnane who started along her wellness journey after a struggle with endometriosis left her depressed, with doctors ordering her to have a hysterectomy. Desperate for a less severe option, Jessica decided to try out a plant-based diet and a healthier lifestyle.

June 2019 Challenge!

Ready for a challenge?! Join us for 7, 14 or 21 days this June!

Podcast Review: Yogaland

If you're looking for an informative podcast about yoga, you should definitely check out the Yogaland Podcast. The host, Andrea Ferretti is a former yoga teacher and editor for Yoga Journal. Along with her regular guest and husband, Jason Crandell, they discuss the interesting nuances of your yoga practice.

5 Star Movie Reviews by Astika: Things to Come

Things to Come (1933) is spectacularly optimistic about technology and relentlessly pessimistic about human nature. The film is based on the novel by HG Wells, The Shape of Things to Come. Reportedly, Wells exercised considerable influence over the production, not only regarding the script but also over the sets and artwork of the film.