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The Difference Between Yin, Restorative and Gentle Yoga

Yin? Restorative? Gentle? From the outside in, these three styles of yoga practice might look identical, but there is a big difference in both the aims of these offerings as well as the way in which we practice them.

Podcast Review: One Part Podcast

One Part Podcast is hosted by Jessica Murnane who started along her wellness journey after a struggle with endometriosis left her depressed, with doctors ordering her to have a hysterectomy. Desperate for a less severe option, Jessica decided to try out a plant-based diet and a healthier lifestyle.

June 2019 Challenge!

Ready for a challenge?! Join us for 7, 14 or 21 days this June!

Podcast Review: Yogaland

If you're looking for an informative podcast about yoga, you should definitely check out the Yogaland Podcast. The host, Andrea Ferretti is a former yoga teacher and editor for Yoga Journal. Along with her regular guest and husband, Jason Crandell, they discuss the interesting nuances of your yoga practice.