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The Ever-Changing Present and the Ever-Changing Practice

When I first started practicing yoga, the majority of my thoughts during class were focused on making sure my expression of the postures was as close to textbook (i.e. Yoga Journal) as possible. It was hard enough trying to decipher which pose blah-blah-blah-asana was, but then attempting to align everything from my toes to the […]

The Beauty of the Flow

Sometimes when my yoga practice feels stale and I need a resurgence of that je ne sais qua to reinvigorate my flow, I watch a video clip of Seane Corn demonstrating yoga as body prayer. Seane Corn is known around the world as a talented teacher and practitioner of Vinyasa Yoga as well as Karma […]

At One with the Universe

We often hear the idea expressed that we are “one” with the universe and it is put forth as a spiritual reality. Thinking about it a bit brought me to the idea that we are also one with the universe in a physical sense in that we cannot exist without our physical connection to our […]

Peace is the Essence

During meditation we are able to experience a deep peace: it may be in our body, mind, emotions or heart. Regardless of where we experience the sensation it is this very peace that is the seed of the universe. Just as a river flows through many different lands and terrains so to does that seed […]