Pilgrimage Blog

The Beauty of the Flow

Sometimes when my yoga practice feels stale and I need a resurgence of that je ne sais qua to reinvigorate my flow, I watch a video clip of Seane Corn demonstrating yoga as body prayer. Seane Corn is known around the world as a talented teacher and practitioner of Vinyasa Yoga as well as Karma […]

At One with the Universe

We often hear the idea expressed that we are “one” with the universe and it is put forth as a spiritual reality. Thinking about it a bit brought me to the idea that we are also one with the universe in a physical sense in that we cannot exist without our physical connection to our […]

Peace is the Essence

During meditation we are able to experience a deep peace: it may be in our body, mind, emotions or heart. Regardless of where we experience the sensation it is this very peace that is the seed of the universe. Just as a river flows through many different lands and terrains so to does that seed […]

Basic Teachings

We are in the process of developing a yoga workshop to teach the fundamentals of yoga to beginners. On the philisophical side it has me contemplating what I consider to be the basic teachings of spirituality. The first of the basic ideas I have formulated is the following: “We are all part of a living, […]