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Accessing the inner gaze

In Yogic science there are points in the body and in the mind called Dristis (inner focal points) that help to guide the focus and energy of the posture to the appropriate places.  For example, when doing a back bend like cobra, often the dristi is directed to the area between the eyebrows.  This along […]

Sitting at the Kid's Table

This past weekend I completed a training course for teaching yoga to 8-13 year old kids with the amazing Jodi Komitor Revivo of Next Generation Yoga in Encinitas. My intention in participating was rooted in my experience teaching yoga to pre-teen girls about three years ago, and my desire to begin teaching yoga to adolescents […]

Conditioned Body, Conditioned Mind

Everything in this life is conditional meaning that only when the right conditions are met can something happen.  Often these conditions are met haphazardly and something is produced or accomplished by accident, and sometimes these conditions are met consciously and something is produced on purpose.  Yoga is the art and science of producing somet

Post Surf Yoga Stretch

After you make your way in from the surf, enjoy a nice post surf yoga stretch on the sand. Throughout the surf session your muscles were working hard to paddle for waves and make it back out to the line up. This causes a build up of lactic acid (why your muscles get sore). One […]