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The Forest of the Mind

I may be living in the 21st century with all of its norms and social patterns of accepted behavior but many dimensions of me might as well be a caveman wandering through the dark forest in search of food and comfort. My instincts and emotions are like a machine that runs on certain specific data […]

Pre Yoga Surf Stretch

Before you jump into the water, take a few minutes and warm up your muscles with five really great stretches, it will only take five minutes, plus you can look for the best spot to paddle out and the best peak to shred. The first three stretches i like to incorporate into a flow. It […]

Yoga Posture: Virabhadrasana I

Virabhadrasana 1 or (Warrior 1) has not only great physical benefits, it as well has symbolic meaning attached within this asana. This posture is named after Virabhadra who was a powerful mythological warrior that showed great virility and courage. This posture physically increases the strength within the muscle of the legs specifically in the quad

Connecting Yoga & Surfing: Physical Connection

Surfing and yoga are both physically demanding activities. After a long surf session, a person feels fatigued and their muscles are sore, but one still has a feeling of overall relaxation and calmness. This experience is similar to a rigorous yoga session when a person feels their muscles have been lengthened, and stress has been […]