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The Nature of Love

I saw a movie recently that I found very engaging: Adaptation, with Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep. The movie deal with finding love and passion in life. If you like writing or plants the movie will have an extra appeal. Its about an author trying to write a screenplay adaptation or a book about plants […]


Someone said that the only constant is change…and yet those who practice deep meditation have the experience of finding an unchanging reality of peace and calm. On the surface the two statements seem to contradict each other. How can there be two realities existing simultaneously? A reality of constant change and a changeless reality. any [&h

Thoughts from an Existentialist

The famous writer Albert Camus said something most notable (recently relayed to me by a friend and fellow yogi:) “… people expend tremendous energy just trying to appear normal.” How true that is. Society defines what is “normal” and then most of us set out to conform to those norms. I remember walking the halls [&hell

The Namesake

If anyone wants a beautiful insight into the Indian (East that is) culture and view of life I recommend a movie called The Namesake. It is a story that spans two generations and shows the great cycle of life that is at the heart of Indian philosophy. On a personal note: I usually give a […]