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W.H. Auden, Poetry and Yoga

The most ancient of the yoga texts are written in “sutras” which are short concise statements. These sutras have been passed down for thousands of years both orally and in writing. To me they are poetry. I recently came across a few lines by the modern poet W.H Auden (1907-1973) that felt like yoga in […]

The Green Goddess' Desire

Walking into my morning den with a sense of purpose and knowing desire sure to be fulfilled, I, the modern day caffeine addict enters the womb of the green goddess. Uttering a medley coded words, I create the beverage of my desire, to be magically manifested by the speedy, well trained barista. The enthusiastic cadence […]

Yogic thought for the Day

There are ends and there are means. Yogic disciplines are the means. Oneness-a feeling of connectedness with ourselves and all of existence-is the ends.The path of yoga is a path of guidelines which are general and through which we all find our unique path. Great teachers make a clearing which makes our journey more sure, […]

Our First Blog!

Hello Everyone! We’re starting to play with blogs on our site. We’ll have guest blogs from our teachers, as well as Sujantra’s faithful welcome blog each month. We hope everyone is having a beautiful month, and enjoying this winter weather! Sujantra McKeever Know Thyself Starting this Spring, we will begin our annual Teacher Train