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November Yoga Story: Liz Pappas

I love the Pilgrimage community and substantive, meaningful connections with my friends who are like sisters to me. I love how yoga helps me build mindfulness, nurture compassion, create health and balance physically, emotionally and mentally.

Climbing the Stairway of Emotion

“Emotion,” to quote Sri Chinmoy, “tells us that the ever-increasing life energy is constantly flowing through us.” We all know the power of emotion. It colors our view of the world and ourselves. When it comes down to my thoughts versus my feelings, I find, emotions prevail 99% of the time. Gratitude, on the scale of emotions, ranks towards

Yoga and Human Rights

The moral and ethical foundation of yoga is rooted in truthfulness, non-harming, compassion, and empathy. At the heart of these teachings is a core respect for the tremendous value of each human life. Bringing this into play in our own lives is a worthwhile challenge. We can begin by valuing our own life: our bodies and minds. The daily or weekl

An Interconnected World

Our lives are dependent upon our environment. Awareness and actions based on an understanding of this interconnectedness, this web of life of which we are a part, will bring personal happiness and help solve the challenges that society faces.