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Pre Yoga Surf Stretch

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Before you jump into the water, take a few minutes and warm up your muscles with five really great stretches, it will only take five minutes, plus you can look for the best spot to paddle out and the best peak to shred.
The first three stretches i like to incorporate into a flow. It begins with Cow Pose, Cat Pose and Downward Facing-Dog. By linking all three poses together, gives the body a great overall warm-up for the spine, back, neck, shoulders, hamstrings and calf muscles.
The next stretch is a standing forward-bend with the knees slightly bent. This releases any tightness from the lower back and continues to stretch the backs of your legs.
The final stretch is a wide-legged forward-bend with your hands clasp behind your back. This creates openness not only in the hips but the shoulders as well.
By including a pre stretch before you surf, awakens the body, prepares the muscles for paddling, popping up and laying down fluid carves.

Yoga Cue’s

Cow Pose: begin on all fours, arch your back and gaze to the sky

Cat Pose: still on all fours, round the back, hollow out the belly, bring your gaze to the sand and drop your tailbone to the earth.

Down-Dog: lift the hips to the sky, gaze back at your bellybutton and press your hands into the sand

Standing Forward-bend: keep the knees slightly bent, hinge at the hips, let the hands touch the sand or grab your elbows with your hands

Wide legged forward-bend: take a wide stride, hands claps behind your back, hinge forward at the hips, crown of the head towards the sand and your knuckles to the sky.

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