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Global Drum Circles

(Music & Entertainment)

David DiLullo – Founder

Global Drum Circles

What is a drum circle?

A drum circle is a live rhythm-making event… and anyone can do it!

Hundreds of people each year participate in our public community or corporate events. Each drum circle has a brief “mini lesson” to acquaint you with how to play the drum. It’s easy, fun…and can be addicting!

Drum circles are becoming increasingly popular in corporations as a way to reduce stress, improve health, and inspire a greater sense of unity and purpose.

David DiLullo ( founded Global Drum Circles in 2005 to bring the joy and power of drumming to as many people as possible. He leads custom drumming events for companies and groups of all kinds. David also teaches ongoing group drumming classes and sponsors musical events and concerts including the Global Heart Concert Series at East West Bookstore in Mountain View.