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Mudra Yoga Studio

(Yoga Studio)


The heart of Mudra Yoga Studio began over 35 years ago in a kindergarten class when two kindred souls met. While at the time Tracey Lanham and Heather Lindemann were more interested in playing dress up than searching for enlightenment, the friendship and bond that formed is the foundation for Mudra Yoga Studio.

Originally established in 2006 as Pearl Street Yoga, Heather and Tracey’s mission at Mudra Yoga Studio is to make yoga accessible and approachable for anyone while also offering an opportunity for a deep, transformative experience. The studio is designed to be warm, inviting and beautiful. Our experienced, talented teachers will offer heart-felt, integrated, soulful classes in a safe environment so you can deepen your own personal practice without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.

We believe yoga is a journey, not just a physical practice, but an opportunity to find your own truth and light. In the ancient language of Sanskirt the word “mudra” means “a spiritual gesture, offering and energetic seal of truth.” Mudra Yoga Studio is rooted in this spirit.

We offer you yoga, community and transformation. Come practice with us. We welcome you!