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Russell Suereth

(Music & Entertainment)




Russell Suereth promotes universal spirituality with his heartfelt original instrumental music that blends new age sounds and world-fusion rhythms as heard on his third album, Spiritual Haven.

“I believe people all over the world need spiritual havens,” explains Suereth. “Of course some people find this in physical places such as churches, temples or sacred sites, but with the right mind-set it can also be in a car, on a couch, in your home or in an office.

The most important aspect is that people from all nationalities, cultures and countries need to be able to find a sense of spirituality within themselves and feel safe to go there. Religion and belief in a Higher Power is a matter of personal choice, but spiritual meditation is universal and can also encompass a person’s own spirit as well as nature and the world around us.

I believe music can aid people in finding and connecting with their spirituality, which, in turn, can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a fuller sense of well-being.”

Russell is also the creator of Music of Spiritual Places, a video series that focuses on spiritual places around the globe.

Mountain Lakes
New Jersey
United States