Sixth Limb of 8-Fold Path – Dharana by Lena Schmidt


The sixth limb of the eight-fold path is the Dharana. Dharana is concentration or single pointed focus.

We can practice Dharana in yoga by:

* Setting an intention for yoga practice each time you step on the mat
* Practicing mantra throughout class (choose an affirmation or short phrase to repeat over and over in your mind)
* Practicing staying focused on the present moment (allow yourself do what your doing instead of planning the rest of your day or mentally writing out your grocery list)
* Practicing finding a drishti, or a single point for the eyes to focus on, in each pose (this may be a spot out in front of you that’s not moving, the fingers, the nose, or the third eye)

We can practice Dharana in life by:
* Setting an intention for your day
* Meditating on your breath, a flame, a piece of music, or a mantra
* Noticing where your focus is directed at a given point in your day and redirecting yourself back to the task and moment at hand

Practice tips: Is your attention often in several different places at once? Are you “multitasking” but not really getting anything done? Notice where your focus is directed at this moment. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and concentrate on the sound and rhythm of your breath. Now you choose what to focus on ☺


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