Our staff here at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga brings their own love, style, compassion, and expertise for the practice to yoga students. Our staff is happy to help, and we're excited for you to discover your own individual practice. Learn more about the members of our team below.

Atulya Berube

What brought you to yoga? About 27 years ago I met a guy who just radiated. I asked him what he was doing. Besides eating mostly raw organic fruits and vegetables, he practiced yoga. I was inspired to try both. Haven’t looked back since.

How do you spend your free time? I really enjoy any type of athletic endeavor. Ultimate Frizbee and trail running are currently at the top of the list.

Danielle Eglin

Danielle began practicing Yoga Asana at the age of 15 as a need for centering and grounding became a theme of her teenage years. She completed her 200 hour YTT at age 17 with Kellie Livingstone as her mentor. She then attended the University of California Santa Cruz, graduating, in three years in 2018, with a Bachelor of Arts in Feminist Studies with a concentration in Culture, Power, and Representation.

Upon finishing her degree, she became a Certified Therapeutic Body Worker by completing the National Holistic Institute’s 800 hour Massage therapy Program and is currently embarking in her 300 hour YTT at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA with the intention to practice Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Body Worker throughout the rest of her life. She is drawn to these practice by her intuition as well as her love for attempting to understand the human body, mind and spirit. Her most consistent intention in life is to hold space for herself and others in a compassionate and nurturing way to facilitate moving inward to cultivate space for healing and transformation.

Jenny von Weisenborn

Assistant Studio Manager

Internationally raised, Jenny von Weisenborn has lived and traveled around the world. Her yoga journey began in 2011 and she pursued her 200-hour teacher training in 2019. Her practice has evolved through the years, expanding her mind and heart to the well-being union of mental, physical, and emotional benefits. Through yoga, she discovers steadiness and self-awareness. Jenny has been part of the Pilgrimage family since 2019 and is grateful to be involved with this special community.

As your guide, Jenny’s intention is to empower you to connect with yourself through conscious self-care and awareness of the interconnectedness of your mind, body, and breath. Encouraging mindfulness and relaxation, she offers slower, restful yoga practices and has completed additional specialized training in Pranayama, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. Consistent elements in her class include grounding, breathwork, mindful movement, nourishing rest, and guided meditation.

A lifelong learner, Jenny holds a B.A. in Biogeography and an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Children's Literature and Wildlife Conservation. Always curious, her other interests include self-enrichment books and podcasts, movies, creative projects, the natural world, camping, and travel adventures.

Joe Schwab

Joe is a registered 200 hour Yoga teacher and musician. In addition to playing various instruments, Joe teaches mindfulness meditation. He has been playing the crystal bowls for several years in various settings such as yoga classes, private events and large venues. Joe's musical approach to the crystal bowls provides people a deeply relaxing as well as invigorating experience.

How do you spend your free time? Joe listens to, plays and writes music, hikes, bike rides, plays tennis, spends time with his kids and of course yoga!

Linda Martone

General Manager

Linda began working at the front desk and teaching at Pilgrimage of the Heart in 2008 and has since enjoyed learning all aspects of running a yoga studio! She is proud of our heart-centered community that has grown over the years. She gets a sense of satisfaction when she witnesses students come out of yoga classes, calm, serene, and smiling. In her current role as General Manager, Linda takes pride in supporting the team of staff and teachers in doing what they love most: teaching and offering yoga to our community. 

Linda discovered yoga while training for her black belt in martial arts. Yoga quickly became something much more than a compliment to her martial arts practice. She went on to become a certified yoga teacher in 2000, from the Kripalu Institute in western Massachusetts. Linda moved to San Diego from New York in 2008 with her partner John and their loyal dogs Trinity and Sage. In her free time, Linda enjoys reading, cooking up healthy recipes in her home, enjoying movies on the sofa with her family, and enjoying nature's beauty while hiking.

Marie Barranco

Studio Manager

Marie (she/her) is a native San Diegan whose path first converged with yoga and mindfulness meditation in 2013. The practice's therapeutic elements radically shifted her life, inspiring her to delve deeper into the practice and eventually pursue a path in teaching. She is passionate about creating spaces for individuals to slow down and harness inherent tools like breath and conscious movement to better understand their physical and mental patterns. Marie defines yoga simply as intimacy - intimacy with the breath, the body, the human experience - and believes this intimacy enables us to lead more mindful, inspired, and connected lives.

Marie teaches with the intention of creating a safe space for students to explore their physical, mental, and breath landscapes. Expect a deep emphasis on breath, exploratory movement, and time for meditation in her classes. Marie completed her 200-hour certification in 2017 and has since completed training in Buddhist psychology and meditation practices, yin yoga, pranayama, prenatal yoga, and trauma-informed mindfulness. She hopes students walk away from class feeling renewed and inspired to welcome the same curiosity, compassion, and consciousness found on the mat into all aspects of their lives.

Sujantra McKeever

Studio Founder

Sujantra was born in San Francisco in 1962 and moved to San Diego in 1980 to attend UCSD. He is the founder and owner of the Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio, which he opened in 2006.

Sujantra first became interested in hatha yoga as a young boy and used his practice of asanas (the yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) as a stepping stone into the “inner aspects” of yoga: concentration, meditation, and contemplation.

In 1980, Sujantra began studying meditation with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. He has taught meditation for over 40 years in over 20 different countries and has authored several books on eastern philosophy, success motivation, and meditation. Two of his books were used by major universities to teach wellness, stress reduction, and comparative religion.

Sujantra believes it is important to demystify meditation and to offer the complete yoga experience by teaching all eight aspects of yoga and exploring the relevance of this ancient art in our modern lives. While he has taught Yoga for Children and Yoga I, Sujantra currently leads meditation classes, workshops, and training for the community. He encourages students to practice both at home and at the studio.

Sujantra is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Sujantra's publications are available on Amazon and in our studio retail boutique. They include:

  • 7 Secrets to Super-Health
  • Paths are Many, Truth is One: Exploring the Unity of All Religions
  • Learn to Meditate
  • Strategies for Success: An Outline for Personal Growth
  • Focus – Relax – Peace (60 min. CD)
  • Learn to Teach Meditation and Mindfulness

Zac Dickinson

Front Desk

What first brought you to yoga?

My high school water polo coach brought a yoga instructor to our practices where we would practice underwater yoga and breath work. We were given free access to his studio where I fell in love with my yoga practice. It's helped reduce back pain from a motorcycle accident, helped with my core strength and flexibility, and has brought me peace of mind.

What is your education history?

I graduated from Bonita Vista High School. I was president of the surf team, played varsity water polo, and finished off my eleventh year of soccer during that time. I've explored different interests in college which include wilderness first responder, psychology, along with alcohol and other drug studies. As far as yoga goes, I've practiced Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini, Bikram, and Restorative Yoga.

Any notable or relevant accomplishments you'd like to share with us?

I set many records as a runner in middle school, but my love for the water kept me on the high school water polo team despite the track and football teams' best attempts to get me to run/play with them!

What are your favorite hobbies?

My first love has always been surfing. I also love mountain biking and just being in nature. I've serviced and repaired cars both professionally and as a hobby. I specialize in European cars, but also spent time at Tesla as a repair technician.

Anything else?

Right after high school, I was in a motorcycle accident in the desert that led to some back issues including degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. I couldn't let this stop me from doing the things that I love, so I see a special chiropractor regularly along with an Eastern medicine doctor who treats me with acupuncture and cupping therapy. I believe what has helped me the most both physically and mentally has been my yoga practice over the years. I will forever love and appreciate the many different practices of yoga.