Deanna Salazar (aka Hypsy-Gypsy)

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My Yoga practice began with weekly meditation right here at Pilgrimage of the Heart, alongside my partner, Oak, who is also a Yoga teacher here too. Yoga is a gift, bringing me balance and healing various layers of myself. Yoga has inspired me to make it my mission to pass along the wisdom to others. 

My AIM as a Yoga guide is Authenticity, Inclusivity, and Manageability. The practice should be practical, relatable, welcoming, and approachable. Energy doesn’t lie, so the practice must speak for itself, but I ultimately want every Yogi to feel at home, inspired as well as empowered. 

I teach and practice many styles of Yoga, but my favorite is flowing. The fluid dance of body and breath allows me to drop into deep, trance-like states of consciousness… a moving meditation.

My favorite place to practice is outside, where I can be as close to the elements as possible. Like Yoga, Mother Nature has been an invaluable tool in my spiritual work. Oak and I cross-country backpacked (twice), did van-life for several years, traveled overseas and abroad, with more to come. Yoga and Nature remind me that I’m a reflection of the entire cosmos, intrinsically and unequivocally connected. The beauty that exists outside, exists inside. I have to venture outside to discover inside!