Desiree Iacono

Assistant Studio Manager

Desiree started practicing yoga six years ago when she needed a new way to find movement, harmony, and peace in her life. After she discontinued playing soccer at the age of 18, she sought to find a new physical practice that would keep her healthy, strong, and balanced. Due to ankle injuries from soccer, she decided that yoga would be a great way to establish strength and mobility in her ankles and overall body. After practicing consistently and loving the results, she wanted to deepen her practice and understanding of yoga and decided to join a Yoga Teacher Training in 2016, where she earned a 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certificate. Since then, her yoga practice has continued to grow, and she now enjoys not only vinyasa style yoga but kundalini yoga, meditation, sound healing, kirtan, and breathwork. Yoga has taught her how to become her biggest supporter, helped her establish consistency and accountability in her life, and love herself unconditionally. In her time off, she enjoys spending time in nature, traveling, learning, being with friends and family, and immersing herself in new yogic experiences.