Jenny Weisenborn

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Jenny began her yoga journey in 2012 when she wandered into a gym offering yoga classes in a tiny room in the basement. Little did she know then, her personal practice would evolve through the years, opening her mind and heart to a well-being trifecta of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Through yoga, she finds a sense of focus, steadiness, self-awareness, and a positive challenge.

As an instructor, it is Jenny’s intention to help guide individuals through conscious self-care, mind-body awareness, and loving introspection. She primarily offers Gentle and Restorative yoga and holds additional certifications in Pranayama and Yin. Consistent elements in her class include grounding, mindful movement, relaxation, and guided meditation.

A global citizen from nowhere and everywhere, Jenny has spent her life around the world. A lifelong learner and always curious, her other interests include movies, podcasts, art/design, travel photography, the natural world, and starry skies.