Oak Jackson

My Yogic Journey began right here at Pilgrimage of the Heart around 2010 when my partner (PotH’s own Deanna Salazar) and I began attending evening meditation classes – in search of peace and fresh perspective, this would be the first step in a grand new adventure for us.
Shortly thereafter, I gave my partner the gift of a studio membership; inspired by her progress, I eventually became a member myself. Right away I became enamored with the various aspects of yoga, enjoying the synergy of the practice and the community, further scratching the surface of a more spiritual path. During this time we also backpacked over 5,000 miles, completing treks on the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trails – parallel spiritual journeys of a sort.
More recently my partner completed YTT and began offering her gifts as a teacher; once again inspired, I will soon begin my own teaching adventure! I especially enjoy offering sound as a healing modality, and I believe it’s a powerful layer to the yogic experience. I hope to soon offer my own gifts such as they are, and to begin reflecting back some of the love, healing, and magic that I’ve received. Enjoy the Journey!