Tony Tavernier

Tony started practicing yoga in the late 1990s to stay connected to the martial arts training he undertook while living in Taiwan in the 1980s. He holds a black belt in Kung Fu, but along with learning all that was necessary to attain that degree, came to understand that yoga is the foundation of all martial arts. Honoring that, Tony completed his 200-hour teacher training with Pilgrimage in 2014.  After graduating as a 200-hour RYT, he began to teach yoga to golfers, helping them improve both the physical and mental aspects of their games. Though he is not currently teaching group yoga classes, he uses his knowledge of yoga to aid him in his other pursuits. A true Renaissance type of guy, Tony is a yogi, martial artist, golf teacher and musician. He is a songwriter and singer, and plays original music locally with his group, TavernierFleer. You’ll see Tony around the studio doing odd jobs and keeping the place sparkling clean, but you’ll also find him in the East Room lounge giving guitar lessons and golf lessons.