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We feature video recordings of musical events that have occurred here at our studio in San Diego. If your Kirtan band is touring contact us about a possible performance. Studio founder Sujantra organized free concerts offered by his spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007.) Some excerpts of those concerts are featured here.

Performances, music, Meditation, De-Stress
45 Minutes All Levels
Sound Healing & Savasana Winter
Sujantra McKeever, Kelly Derouin | December 27, 2020

Get comfortable and relax while Sujantra and Kelly chant, play the Crystal Bowls, Harmonium, Tabla Drums, and more. *For the best experience, we strongly suggest wearing headphones or playing the audio through a sound-system.

Performances, Feed Your Soul
Om Asatoma Sadgamaya
| June 19, 2018

A beautiful, traditional chant performed by the Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan Band, June 2015, San Diego, CA

Performances, Feed Your Soul
20 Minutes
Rahis Kahn plays Darasa bina dukhana lage nain
| January 21, 2016

Rahis Khan plays Ghazal music at The Pilgrimage of the Heart October 24th 2015

Performances, Feed Your Soul
Nagesh medley live at Pilgrimage of the Heart
| July 24, 2015

Nagesh, a kirtan musician from the S.F. Bay Area performs original and traditional songs backed up by Pilgrimage’s kirtan band.

Performances, Feed Your Soul
| July 6, 2015

Andrew is an educator, musician and songwriter. He offers profound insights through his music, writings and lectures. [raw][vimeography id=”22″][/raw]

Performances, Feed Your Soul
Oneness Dream Concert
| June 3, 2015

Oneness-Dream performs the songs of Sri Chinmoy at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio, April 18, 2015

Performances, Feed Your Soul
43 Minutes
Kirtan Live Stream Archive
| June 1, 2015

Watch us LIVE EVERY Thursday at 8:15pm (Pacific) using the FREE app on your mobile device. Search for pilgrimagekirtan to connect!

Performances, Feed Your Soul
Nagesh in Concert – Jai Shiva Shambhu
| April 27, 2015

Nagesh performs Jai Shiva Shambhu, accompanied by the Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan Band. March 14, 2015

Performances, Feed Your Soul
5 Minutes
Sita Rose
| April 10, 2015

Sita Rose is a Kirtan artist born out of love for community music and is devoted to conscious, contemporary chants.

Performances, Feed Your Soul, Chants with Instruction, Rama Ragava
Rama Ragava – Music Video
Tom Warner | March 31, 2015

The Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan Ensemble plays the kirtan, Rama Ragava, a traditional chant, melody by Sri Chinmoy… Video 9

Performances, Feed Your Soul
30 Minutes
Three Shambhu Videos
| February 12, 2015

Enjoy the elevating and uplifting music of Shambhu. His music weaves a tapestry of sound rich with possibilities and delights! [raw][vimeography id=”8″][/raw]

Performances, Feed Your Soul, Philosophy
5 Minutes
Shambhu Concert Interview
| January 15, 2015

Explore the inner dimensions of music and creativity with composer, musician and PR genius Shambhu.

Performances, Feed Your Soul
5 Minutes
Shambhu performs “Edge of Eternal”
| October 17, 2014

Experience the peace and power of visionary music which emerges from over three decades of meditation. Beautifully edited with nature scenes. More music at  

Performances, Feed Your Soul
5 Minutes
Kanala plays “Usha Bala Elo” on sitar.
Sujantra McKeever | August 11, 2014

Kanala and Sujantra join forces to offer a unique rendition of Sri Chinmoy’s music. Enjoy the melodic compositions on traditional Indian instruments.

Performances, music, Feed Your Soul
10 Minutes
Sri Chinmoy Concert San Diego 2005
| November 25, 2013

Enjoy concert footage of Sri Chinmoy,  Sujantra’s meditation teacher, performing a concert of meditation music. He offered these concerts worldwide to over a quarter of a million people during his life.

Performances, music, Feed Your Soul
10 Minutes
Sri Chinmoy in Concert San Francisco 2005
| October 30, 2013

This music, infused with the beauty and power of meditation, lifts you into sublime states of consciousness. More at