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Share your yoga with our members around the world. reaches thousands of people around the world. Your videos can change lives and offer inspiration to people exploring wellness and health.


In addition to hosting your videos on our site, which gets thousands of visits each month, we share our videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


Achieve your professional dreams.

Putting your thoughts and inspiration into videos not only benefits your viewers it also establishes your presence in the growing field of yoga and wellness. Published videos enhance your career and credibility when it comes to expanding your career.

Topics: We’re looking for yoga tips, yoga flows, pose breakdowns, unique routines, yoga philosophy, meditation and relaxation. We are also interested in interviews and anything that spreads the culture of yoga.

Audience: Our readership includes single women and men, as well as moms and dads who are practicing yoga at home and work who are seeking to integrate yoga and mindfulness into a work/family lifestyle.

Length and Style: Be creative and unique. Videos can be from one minute to 60 minutes.

How to Submit Your Video/ Technical Info:

Please send your video files as .mov or .m4v format. We will review the video and let you know if we are interested in hosting and sharing your video with our world-wide audience.

Copyright for the video stays with you but you give us the right to distribute on the world wide web. If we approve your video we will send you a release form.
All videos need to both begin and end with our logo. Once we accept your video we will be in contact and determine if you will put on the top/tail PNG or if we will do it on our end. We run the top/tail for five seconds each.

Submit Videos and Questions to:


Be Original: Your videos should be original and unpublished and contain no copyrighted material that you do not have the copyright for. By submitting your video to us, you give Pilgrimage Yoga Online the right to publish your video. We accept only rights-free, original video.

Bio and promotion: We’re more than happy to include a byline and your brief bio containing links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media accounts, which will be listed with your video. Please keep your bio to just 20 words. For an expanded bio please create a listing for yourself in our online resources directory.

On Publication: We will publish your video and share links on social media. We will encourage you to share a link to the post with family and friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media outlets.

Things to Consider for Your Video

Please look through our site carefully and choose a genre of video that we currently have. Make your video unique compared to what we currently have. For example: create a unique flow for Gentle Yoga or elucidate on a topic of Yoga Philosophy that we have not covered.

Also, please read through our blogs. These represent topics our members are interested in.

Create a video that is inspiring, informative, and/or educational.

Videos featured on Pilgrimage Yoga should be positive and informative. We want content that will inspire and enrich the lives of our viewers.

Is your title catchy and informative?

A good title has the potential to grab someone’s attention and spark their interest. Ask yourself: What issue does my video address/ solve? How will watching this video make someone’s life better? How would you explain your video in one sentence.

Is my first 15 seconds succinct?

You only get one chance to grab someone’s attention. The viewer will give you the first 15 seconds to do that and no more. It’s meant to cement their interest after the title has drawn them in.

Am I offering actionable tips?

Offer our viewers practical ways to take action on the ideas and inspiration you are offering them. Change is hard so be practical and helpful. Better to offer three simple steps than ten. Best is just one thing!

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