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Thanksgiving and Community

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“…the condition of a true sense of twoness is that one must first become oneself.”

–Erik H. Erikson


The holidays are a time of coming together, which starts with two coming together—twoness– and grows from there. Community, family, food, gifts, travel—all of this involves our relationship with others.

Two Buds

Two Buds

In order to experience the full joy of the connectivity of life we must first—as the above quote notes—become ourselves. This is where yoga plays such an important role. What are you? What is your identity and connection point with others? To truly know ourselves we must go deeper than the superficialities of life, we must come into contact with the self, which is our essence.

Each time you practice yoga you step away from the surface of life. Through concentration, breath awareness and body awareness you connect into your essence. Little by little a new sense of self and consciousness awakens. From that point of awareness all of the twoness, and beyond, that you experience will take on a new dimension of satisfaction.


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