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The Niyamas – Svadyaya by Lena Schmidt

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The fourth of the Niyamas is Svadyaya. Svadayaya is self-study or self-inquiry. We can practice Svadyaya in yoga by:

*practicing with a beginners mind
*finding something new in each pose
*being curious about poses and other yogis without judgment
*reading yogic texts and books on yoga and seeing how yoga philosophy relates to your life as you are living it
*journaling after yoga class to reflect on the practice

We can practice Svadyaya in life by:

*journaling and/or meditating daily to create a habit of inner reflection
*always being curious and willing to learn
*always growing and expanding
*setting goals and following your dreams

Practice tips: Get curious about YOU! What do you like and dislike? Why do you do the things you do? Meditation, journaling, yoga, therapy, and other reflective practices can help you learn more about your inner workings. And what about that new language/skill/sport you’ve always wanted to know more about? Now is the time!

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