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Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga > Blog Archives > THE SAGES OF YOGA: VASISTHASANA – PATIENCE & WILL BY JAMIE MARTIN

Patience and Will

Vasistha was a great sage and teacher to Lord Ram, an avatar of Vishnu. Lord Ram had traveled the world and upon his return to his own kingdom, he had become disillusioned and depressed by the state of the world. The king feared Ram’s troubles and called upon Vasistha to converse with him.

Vasistha reassured the king that Ram’s current doubts were indeed a boon! For one who walks a spiritual path, many doubts, concerns and questions will arise. These are not signs of weakness or disappointment; rather they are critical on the spiritual path. One must often hit bottom before making changes to elevate one’s life. Though it took time for Ram to learn all the great lessons, Vasistha had boundless patience and guided him through the process.

Finding patience in our own practice can be challenging to say the least. We often become fixated on what we believe we should be able to do or what the final pose should look like rather accepting and delighting in our current reality. Coupling patience with compassion toward one’s self can be a tough pill to swallow sometimes, but through effort, practice and patience, progress will be made in all areas of life.

Vasisthasana, or side plank pose, strengthens the arms, belly, legs and wrists while also promoting balance. Use this pose to help you build strength but to also cultivate a smooth, steady breath to guide you through your practice both on and off the mat.

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