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Align the 7 Chakras

Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga > Workshops > Align the 7 Chakras

with Nicole Pisciotto

Date: Saturday, June 6, 2020      Time: 1:30 - 3:30p
Location: Normal Heights - Main Studio

In this workshop, we will restore balance, elevate our joy, and release what no longer serves us by blending the qualities and symbolism of each chakra (energy center) with specific asanas (poses). Each chakra relates to different aspects of ourselves. 

As a community we will flow through this workshop accompanied by specific breathing techniques for the season, guided visualizations, chanting, and percussive sound played by Nicole. We'll fine tune and elevate ourselves as well as others in our shared sacred space.

Bring your mat, water bottle, journal and anything important to you to charge and energize on our community altar. 

Arrive prepared to learn, journey & receive.

Nicole has over 25 years appreciating the blessing of yoga in her life. For the last 12 years as a teacher she encourages a deeper level of mindfulness & self love as well as the creation of your perfect personal experience in the moment on your mat.

$25 if registered by May 30th; $30 after.


Learn More about the Teacher: Nicole Pisciotto