Awaken the Power of Your Words

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with Kayma Englund

Date: Saturday, January 18, 2020      Time: 1:00 - 4:00p
Location: Normal Heights - East Room

In every moment we have the power to choose our words. When used consciously and intentionally words have the power to transform our daily experiences and ultimately create our reality. Furthermore, all of the words we speak to ourselves internally and outloud hold a vibration. These vibrations are moving through and radiating from us all the time and play a huge part in how we feel on a moment to moment basis. As we enter into the New Year, often with an emphasis on starting fresh and setting intentions, this is a perfect workshop to support that process and help you vibrationally align with the energies you are calling in for 2020.
In this workshop we will learn about and explore:

  • The Energy of Words
  • Subconscious beliefs and reprogramming
  • Creating Supportive Internal Dialogue
  • Truth and Self-Expression
  • The Art of Listening
  • Intention, Manifestation and Speaking into Reality
  • Methods for awakening the Throat Chakra and Crystals to support

$55 in advance/$60 day of event

About the Teacher:
Kayma Englund is a Reiki Master Teacher, 500-hr Yoga Therapist and Master of Crystology. Teachings of Yoga and the Subtle Body have been with her since childhood and it is her passion in this life to share this ageless wisdom in a digestible and applicable way with all who are ready. Kayma has led multiple trainings and workshops across the US in the field of subtle energetics and has done extensive work with crystals, gemstones and other subtle aspects of this existence.
Contact / 760.473.6634 to reserve your spot.

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