Loving Touch for Birth

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with Yesica Rodriguez

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2024      Time: 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Location: Normal Heights - Main Studio (3287 Adams Ave)

Having a trusted person with you when you are giving birth can help you feel supported during labor. Anyone who you trust and feel comfortable with while you are giving birth such as the other parent-to-be, a relative, or a close friend can be your birth partner.

Loving Touch for Birth is a workshop designed to teach you and your birth partner techniques to use during labor that can help you cope with the intense sensations of contractions, relax between contractions and get you through challenging moments.

In our two hours together, I will discuss different techniques that can be used during birth and lead a prenatal yoga practice where we can incorporate these techniques. Please bring a yoga mat, a notebook and pen, water, a snack and, if you would like, a camera to take photos of the techniques you are learning.

In the Loving Touch for Birth workshop, you will:

  • Practice movements and poses to help increase intimacy and connection with your birth partner
  • Learn techniques such as counter pressure, massage and havening touch which have been clinically proven to help ease pain and regulate the nervous system
  • Practice movements that can aid in labor
  • Learn techniques that can be helpful during contractions and techniques for in-between contractions
  • Move your body in a prenatal yoga practice
  • Discuss questions to ask your care provider and what to expect with a hospital, birth center or home birth
  • Discuss possible scenarios that might come up during labor and strategies to deal with them

I hope you will join me!

Investment: $80 per couple

Learn More about the Teacher: Yesica Rodriguez