Vibe Social: Nights of Connection

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with Dimetrieze Walker

Date: Wednesdays, January 31 through March 27, 2024      Time: 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Location: Normal Heights - East Room (3301 Adams Ave. San Diego, 92116)

Come and immerse yourself in the profound and transformative world of relational mindfulness, empathy, and active listening–a journey that unlocks the power of instant intimacy. Join us as we explore these essential skills, honing the art of genuine connection. 

Introduction to Authentic Relating:

  • Explore core principles for meaningful interactions
  • Empathetic and Active Listening: Develop skills for understanding and being present with others
  • Sharebacks/Feedback: Experience a supportive space for sharing, growth and connection
  • Utilizing Vulnerability: Harness vulnerability to create genuine relationships
  • Attracting Authentic Relationships: Embrace authenticity to attract meaningful connections

We meet on Wednesdays through March 27. Join us for one evening or every week!

Cost: $20 per session

Register by Venmo (@vibesocial) or email Dimetrieze at