Yoga in the Park – Class Descriptions

MUSICAL MEDITATION          Lindsay Zehren

In this class we will explore multiple modes of meditation through music with the goals of balancing the chakras and releasing stress and anxiety. Music experiences will include toning, drumming, and singing.

MARTIAL ARTS FLOW                    Chris

The asanas in this vinyasa-style class are dedicated to and celebrate traditional martial arts strength, flexibility and fluidity.

LOW BACK/HIP HEALTH        Diane Roberts

Diane Roberts (owner of Foundation Yoga & Wellness Center in Solana Beach) healed her own serious low back injury 25 years ago, then began teaching others to do the same.   This class as an introduction to her most healing sequences that increase strength, flexibility and health for the low back, hips and the whole spine.

KIDS’ YOGA – AGES 2-5                   Rachel Keller

We will mix yoga, storytime, and songs and celebrate like it’s our birthday!

KIDS’ YOGA – ALL AGES            Abbey Jones

Abjoyo Kids Yoga classes include such happenings as co-creating asana stories, trying out partner yoga, making pom pom art, finding your dance groove, playing games to cultivate a team mindset, and playing with the power of breath to bring about change in temperature and energy level. Tools such as musical instruments, a hoberman sphere, pipe cleaners, and sand timers will be used to facilitate fun & creativity.

ADAPTIVE YOGA                           JoSan Arnold & Jackie Gadd

Our program is softer, slower, well-supported, and nurturing. Appropriate yoga poses with props (like blankets, blocks, and straps) and modifications will be coached from standing, seated, and ground positions to accommodate as many abilities levels as possible. Our gentle flow encourages and helps pair the body neurologically with range-of-motion, balance, and strength improving movements. Hands-on adjustments from our instructors will be available (with student agreement and acceptance) to help everyone be safe in their poses, and most importantly feel welcome into the space. As part of the program will include best practices for assisting someone with health, mobility, or developmental challenges in practicing yoga, we encourage partners/aides/family members to participate as well. We will guide assistants on how to: help ground a body in space, safely and productively stretch, properly use yoga props, and coordinate partner breathing. Our instructors will also discuss and how mainstream practices aren’t the whole picture of the yoga world, and adaptive-accessible yoga is truly a reflection of the most balanced of traditions, bringing together bodies, minds and hearts in individuals and communities.

WALKING MEDITATION              Thai Nguyen

In walking meditation we use the experience of walking as our focus. We become mindful of our experience while walking, and try to keep our awareness involved with the experience of walking.

YOGA FOR HEARTBREAK                        Melaminah

Heartbreak, like other trauma, gets stored not only in our mind’s memory, but also in our body. In this session, we’ll create a safe space from which to release heartbreak from the body and promote healing. All levels welcome.

INTRODUCTION TO YOGA MEDITATION                        Brother Prafullananda

Meditation instruction and a guided meditation, based on the Self-Realization Fellowship teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Presented by Brother Prafullananda and Brother Jitananda of the Self-Realization Fellowship monastic order.

REIKI HEALING                                   Sara Mitteer

Reiki is a Japanese Energy Based Therapy focused on the human biofield. Daily stressors and negative emotions affect us on three levels; mentally, physically, and spiritually. As a result, illnesses and medical conditions can begin manifesting as an unbalanced biofield affects us on all three levels. Reiki Practitioners shift energy by extracting negative energy and channeling universal vital force energy, which unblocks chakras and brings the energetic body back into balance. Correcting this imbalance initiates the body’s own ability to heal, thus promoting healing on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

NATURE FLOW                                 Sarah Barbosa

Get rooted and tap into the peacefulness of the world that surrounds us during this nature inspired yoga and meditation. Asana (postures) and meditation techniques will be combined to evoke the aspects of the natural world. Leave your mat feeling grounded, empowered, and calm.

HEALING HATHA and MEDITATION                                    Amara

Healing Hatha with meditation is a traditional Hatha style from India. The asanas are the authentic movements that celebrate the sun and moon. Affirmations are invoked with the asanas.

YIN YOGA                                                         Karen O’Lone

Yin is a deeply meditative practice in which we focus on stretching and releasing connective tissues. We will be on the ground, holding postures for anywhere from 2-6 minutes.  All levels are welcome to join us.

GONG IMMERSION                                           Kenneth Goff

Gong immersions positively affect mind-body-spirit.  With a foundational tone aligned to the Heart Chakra, this class offers the opportunity for the listener to align and calibrate their etheric energy in a yoga setting, emphasizing gentle and restorative sound-healing.

YOGA THERAPY                                   Paul Wellin

Paul Wellin, Master Healer, will demonstrate how we use yoga postures for pain/stress relief, plus breaking through limitations. Then you can practice hatha asanas and higher wisdom. Finally, Paul will be offering mini-healing sessions, so you can experience the rejuvenating effects of Yoga Therapy.

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION                   Rochelle Calvert, Ph.D., B.C.B.A

A mindfulness meditation class for people who are looking to practice mindfulness meditation and engage in dialogue about bringing mindfulness into every day life. A supportive mindfulness teacher will offer you a guided practice and time for question and answer after your experience of mindfulness practice.

INVERSIONS                                      Sydney Cohen

We will be exploring the world upside down! We will learn the basics of inversion work by prepping for inversions, building strength, releasing muscles post inversions, developing core stability, and working proper breathing techniques. We will work on igniting our bandhas so we can take flight and practice new depths!


Enjoy a heart opening yoga experience utilizing gentle backbends, breath and intention to bring a lightness to your heart and spirit!  (Open to all levels but some yoga experience helpful.)


Develop stability and balance within the asana as well internally in this introduction to Iyengar yoga.  This class will explore ways students can gain access mental stability and inner calm when practicing yoga asana with correct alignment.