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Yoga Story: Carolina Moreira

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carolina - blogSince an early age, I’ve been drawn to the laws of the Universe, spiritual teachings, psychology, and energy fields. Discovering the path of Yoga in 2008 was simply a way to have some of my universal questions answered, and to connect with myself on a deeper level. I feel that it wasn’t me who found Yoga, but rather Yoga found me.

It was a critical time for me; I was looking outward, trying to understand who I really am and what my life purpose is. When I started taking Yoga classes, I truly realized that I create myself and the reality around me by looking inward. Through a regular asana practice, I quickly found myself physically stronger and way more flexible. However, the powerful and transformative effects through a regular practice brought me mental and emotional benefits beyond the physical aspects. Initially, yoga fed me inwardly with self-discovery, balance, and acceptance. I knew that I had discovered my path through yoga, and I made a choice to passionately share it with others.

I love everything about Yoga: the asanas, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, mantras, the community, ethics, values, mindfulness, and the list goes on… I love all parts of Yoga; and I mean it! My favorite pose is always changing. It really depends on the day and what I am looking for when I approach my Yoga practice. If I am looking for a more invigorating energetic experience, then I love practicing heart openers, arm balances, hip openers and side bends. If I want to calm my mind and relax my body, there is nothing better than reclined twists, forward fold bends, supported inversions, baddha konasana and legs up the wall. But I have to say, downward facing dog is the ultimate pose for me. It always does so much for me. When I move into the pose, it’s like Yoga is talking to me, saying, “welcome home!”.

I have found that I stay inspired and motivated in my practice by taking other teacher’s classes at Pilgrimage and elsewhere, traveling, attending workshops, reading Yoga books and watching Yoga videos online. Another way I stay motivated is to be surrounded by a like-minded conscious community and healthy foods that support my Yoga on and off the mat.

On a final note, I want to take this opportunity to thank Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga for all the wonderful opportunities and blessings I’ve received since I joined the studio as an assisting teacher in May 2010. Words simply can’t describe the amount of gratitude, appreciation and love I have for every aspect of the studio, from the classes to the beautiful people I get to work and interact with every day. Also all the friends I made along the way. I’ve learned so much (and am still learning!) from all these rich experiences, which helped shape who I am today. Thank you Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga for believing in my highest potential and for making me feel at home. <3

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