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Yoga Story: Jamie

Jamie Martin smallWhat first brought you to yoga?
I was born a spiritual seeker and a bit of a renegade. I first came to yoga in 2004 as a way to unite a disciplined physical practice with a spiritual one. I had also been recently diagnosed with leukemia and wanted to find a way to ease the physical, mental and emotional side effects associated with my illness.

What do you love most about yoga?
I love that yoga gives me a respite, a divine oasis, amidst the chaos inherent in the daily demands of life. I am also incredibly grateful how yoga has taught me that it’s okay to be me (tight hips and all!) and that where I am at any moment is exactly where I am meant to be.

What is your favorite pose and why?
My favorite pose is Astavakrasana, handstand or any arm balance. They have taught me resilience, patience and the value of laughter in my practice and life.

What do you do to stay inspired or motivated in your own practice?
My beautiful, wonderful teachers continuously inspire and encourage me to try everything and fear nothing. I am also motivated to remain in remission by cultivating balance, peace and ease in my body and mind through a dedicated practice in asana, meditation, and pranayama.

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