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Yoga Story: Nathan

IMG_20150101_132915What first brought you to yoga?
I had made a personal commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. I had recently quit drinking and was pleasantly shocked–and also a bit saddened–to realize how much extra money that move was saving me every month. One month of yoga membership was going to cost me about the same as two typical nights out of drinking so it seemed like an expense I could finally afford. And the people at the yoga studio were cooler than the ones at the bar. Who da thunk it?

What do you love most about yoga?
I like how you can make it whatever you want it to be. When I started out, I was worried that by doing yoga I’d be forced to eat acai bowls, wears shoes with individual toes and grows a little braid of hair behind my right ear. Luckily none of this has happened to me yet! I’ve been able to explore the practice while still being myself, or rather finding a deeper “myself”.

What is your favorite pose and why?
The one where you just lean over and let your whole body hang. I like the way it stretches out my back after a day spent sitting in an office chair.

What do you do to stay inspired or motivated in your own practice?
I know that every time I come in I’m going to feel better than I did before. So even when I’m feeling lazy and want to talk myself out of it, I remember that I’ve never regretted coming to yoga. I also think about how I used to have a lot of locked up tension in my body, especially in my shoulders and neck, but I don’t feel that tension the same way anymore. My body is always in a much more relaxed state than I remember it ever feeling.

Feel free to share anything else if you like.
I’m about two years into my practice and in the last couple weeks I’ve definitely felt like something new has kicked in. I’ve been able to bend and twist deeper into poses than I ever had before, and I feel much stronger in every muscle of my body than I have in years. This is probably the most flexible I’ve been in my adult life too, which is great because now I can shave my whole back entirely by myself. Thanks, yoga! 🙂

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