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Who thought, practicing yoga one could lose fat? Of course it does depend on the intensity and duration of the yoga class and practice.

To sufficiently lose fat, one must keep their heart rate at approximately 55% to 65% of their max heart rate (MHR) . By keeping the heart rate in the range of 120 beats per minute for a duration of at least 20 minutes. This is known as the “fat burning zone”. The practice of Hot Yoga specifically targets the burning of fat storage, because the heart rate is maintanied at about 120 bpm for the duration of the yoga practice. The bodies primary way of maintaining energy for the yoga class is to utilize fat storage for energy, along with some carbohydrates and very little protein.

During the practice of Hot Yoga or a Vinyasa Flow class, there is continuous smooth movements, in a rhythmic style. You practice breathing deeply, which uses more lung capacity, and you never hold your breath. These are all key components to a good yoga practice, which is the reason why a person uses more of their fat storage for energy while practicing yoga compared to some other types of exercise’s.

Last week Gabriel Johnson, owner of Organiq Fitness(organiqfitness@gmail.com), tested out this theory. He wore a heart rate monitor for the duration of the 50min Hot Yoga class I taught at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga studio. The room temperature was set at 95 degrees F. The class consist of Sun Salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, backbends and arm balances. Connecting your breath with your movements in a moderate rhythmic flowing pace.

The results: Total Calories Burned 515 calories

Max Heart Rate 156bpm

Average HR 122bpm

As the results indicate, a great amount of calories were burned during the 50 minute class and his average heart rate was in the “fat burning zone” for the majority of the Hot Yoga class. By practicing a vigorous yoga class that elevates ones heart rate in the range of 120bpm, an individual will utilize there energy from there fat storage, which indicates Hot Yoga burns fat!

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