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Has your yoga practice moved to your home or backyard this year? The option to take classes from the comfort of your own space has made yoga more accessible than ever, so what about the space you practice in? It’s not necessary to dedicate an entire room to your practice (though it is nice if you have the option!) but it is recommended that you find enough room for you to move your body as freely as possible.

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Students often ask where the best place to practice yoga at home is. That depends on what soothes you! Some enjoy an indoor space with plants, candles, or simple artwork, while others prefer to practice on their balcony or in a backyard. Whether it be your living room, garage, bedroom, or backyard – any space can work.

If you’re setting up a semi-permanent or permanent place to practice, here are some things to consider.

Roll out your mat in a place that allows you to move as freely as possible. Test it out by trying a few of your favorite poses. Move your arms and legs around to make sure you have enough space for the style of practice you enjoy.

Gather your tools. Yoga mats and props are great if you have them. If you don’t, get creative! Use a towel or carpet instead of a yoga mat, books as yoga blocks, scarves as yoga straps, and so on. You might be surprised to find that items around your home can support your body in yoga poses.

Make your space relaxing. You may be inclined to maintain a regular yoga practice if you create a relaxing space for yourself at home. Incorporate colors and scents you love, photos of places and people that inspire you, plants & flowers, or meaningful tokens you’ve collected. Get intentional about your space, and you may find that you want to spend more time on the mat.

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

Include your own music. If quiet movement is your thing, by all means, keep it quiet! But if you choose to add music to your yoga practice, it can help create the ambiance and perhaps drown out other sounds going on around you.

Invite those in your household to participate. Many students say that they’re never alone at home. Is your partner, family member, or roommate often “interrupting” your yoga practice with another activity they’re doing? Invite them to join you for a class, and they just might like it!

Will it be absolutely peaceful and quiet during your at-home yoga session? Perhaps, but that’s not what matters here. What matters is that you’re focusing on your breath, moving your body, and connecting to your yoga practice.

We get it, maybe your couch and coffee table are in the way, or your neighbor is gardening next door. Perhaps there are toys on the floor, and there are other humans making noise around your home. Yet, no matter where you choose to practice and whether or not it’s clear of clutter and Instagram photo-worthy, you’re still carving out time for yourself and your wellbeing, and that right there is the most important factor!

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Written for Pilgrimage Yoga by Kara Willingham

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