Seventh Limb of 8-Fold Path – Dhyana by Lena Schmidt

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The seventh limb of the eight-fold path is the Dhyana. Dhyana is meditation.

We can practice Dhyana in yoga by:

* Practicing hip openers and other asanas that prepare the body for sitting
* Focusing on the breath to tune out distractions
* Setting an intention of relaxation and healing
* Meditating before and/or after yoga practice

We can practice Dhyana in life by:
* Beginning a meditation practice (Not sure how to meditate? There are so many great books and guided online meditations to check out. AND! There are FREE meditation classes at Pilgrimage of the Heart ☺)
* Releasing unwanted and unnecessary thoughts and feelings (meditation can help us experience who we really are and remember that we are not our thoughts)
* Rekindling a lapsed meditation practice (Missed a day or two? Begin again today, with this next breath)

Practice tips: Try this simple meditation for 5-10 minutes: Find a comfortable seat (it’s nice to be propped up on a pillow). Bring your hands to rest gently in your lap or on your knees. Close your eyes. Tune in to the sound and rhythm of your breath. If the mind wanders (it naturally will!), use your next breath to reconnect to the present moment and start again. Breathe in and breathe out. There is nothing else you have to do. When you are through, take a deep breath and continue your day.

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