1. Park in the Neighborhood North of the Studio. Look to park in the residential area on the same side as the Post Office (or opposite our studio).

2. Bancroft and 33rd have Fewer Apartments, and Therefore, More Parking!  Looking for these streets first may grant you a quick parking spot since there are generally fewer residents. Avoiding popular streets like Fenton will make your time more efficient when looking for spots.

3. Park on Adams Ave. Bridge over the 805. The bridge is marked by the purple star on the map below. We’ve taken an average between various researchers and have found it to be a 4-minute walk, tops! This is where you are most likely to find a spot. – The street is well-lit, with several open and friendly businesses to line your walk to and from the studio. These storefronts include El Zarape and Triple CrownPub.


4. Avoid Parking on Adams Ave. during high-traffic times. There are many businesses on Adams Ave. Sometimes, parking in the neighborhoods a block or two away is a much easier goal to fulfill.

5. Walking is a great warm-up to get the blood flowing & muscles ready for yoga. – Planning for a 5-minute walk from your car to the studio is more than just a stress-saver. It’s also a great way to get your body ready for your practice!

6. Use your phone as a flashlight if street lights aren’t bright enough. – If you find a spot in the neighborhoods where the lighting isn’t so good, remember to use your phone’s flashlight to help you return safely to your car.

The best intersection to cross Adams Ave. by foot (and the closest to Pilgrimage of the Heart) is Adams and Felton. To cross Adams by car, there are lights at the corners of Adams and 35th St.; Adams and Felton; and Adams and 32nd St.